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General Questions

What is

The Serato Whitelabel Delivery Network, or for short, is a digital delivery service for promotional releases of new music. uses a custom file format: Whitelabel MP3s (file extension .wl.mp3). These files will play as a low quality preview in any MP3 player, and a high quality version within  Serato DJScratch Live and ITCH software. The format files are specially prepared for use in Serato DJScratch Live and ITCH - they have had their overviews built, they are tagged with song and artist info, BPM, and album art where possible. Audio quality is equivalent to a 320kbps MP3 when played in  Serato DJScratch Live and ITCH software.

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Why do tracks only play as low quality 32kbps audio?

The audio files (wl.mp3 files), play as high quality 320kbps audio in Serato Scratch Live with Rane hardware attached or in Serato ITCH with an ITCH controller attached. In the Scratch Live and ITCH Preview Player and all other mp3 playing programs the files will play as low quality 32kbps audio.

If you are playing a wl.mp3 file in Scratch Live with Rane hardware attached, or in Serato ITCH with an ITCH controller attached and it is playing as low quality 32kbps audio, then you may have an old software version.  Whitelabel file playback requires at least Scratch Live 1.7.4 or ITCH 1.1. Software updates can be downloaded from

If you are playing a wl.mp3 file in Scratch Live 1.7.4 or higher with Rane hardware attached, or in Serato ITCH 1.1 or higher with an ITCH controller attached and it is playing as low quality 32kbps audio, then the file may have been damaged by another mp3 editing program. If the high quality audio in your wl.mp3 has been damaged then you will need to download the affected track again.

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Can I play wl.mp3 files in software other than Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH?

Yes, but you'll only hear the low quality preview version.

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What does 'This Release is watermarked' mean?

Some releases on use watermarking technology to embed a log ID into the audio data of tracks that you download.

The log ID is transparently interspersed into the high quality audio portion of .wl.mp3 files and has no audible influence on the sound quality of the files.

The log ID can be extracted from the audio data and can be used to tell us who downloaded the track. This provides us with a mechanism to determine if someone has leaked a Track onto file sharing networks or is using some other means to distribute the track in a way that violates the User Agreement.

Every download of a watermarked track contains a unique log ID. The log ID is simply a number - it contains no personally identifying information. If a 3rd party were able to extract the watermarked log ID from a track it would simply reveal a number and is, in itself, meaningless without access to download logs.

Only Serato and record labels who release watermarked tracks have the ability to determine who downloaded a track via the watermarking technology and download logs.

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The website isn't working properly for me. Are there any special things I need? is tested to work on these browsers:

You will also need Flash installed and have Javascript enabled to be able to preview and download tracks. For most people Flash will already be installed and Javascript enabled by default.

If the website is not working properly for you, check whether you are using one of the supported browser versions and ensure that you have Flash installed and Javascript enabled in your browser's settings.

If you continue to have problems then please file a help request.

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Why are my Whitelabel files being saved with a .mpeg extension? They won't play!

This is usually caused by a Windows registry key being changed. It is likely you have installed a program recently and the installer for that application has changed this key from .mp3 to .mpeg for what ever reason.

To fix the issue, download the following zip file, extract it and run the key file:

You will get 3 or so prompts before the key is applied. The change should be honored instantly. If not, try rebooting and giving it another go.

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Why can't I download certain releases?

A lot of the promo music on is available to all DJs, however some releases are not available to everyone.

Some releases are only delivered to a particular territory for legal reasons.  Some record labels want to send worldwide but simply can't because they don't have worldwide clearance.

Other releases are only delivered to DJs who are interested in particular genres.  Let us know what genres you play by updating your profile.

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Known Issues/Workarounds

Why does copying, moving or deleting .wl.mp3 files take so long on Windows 7?

Some users have experience poor performance when copying, moving or deleting .wl.mp3 files on Windows 7. This would appear to be a bug within Windows 7 which Serato is endeavoring to work through with Microsoft.

In the meantime, system performance can be improved to some extent by switching to a non-column view in Windows Explorer such as an Icon view or Tiles view. Alternatively, if Details view must be used, performance is improved by removing columns from the view that display music related meta data such artist, track name, track duration etc.

Did you find this useful? Yes No files may no longer work after being scanned by Mixed In Key or Platinum Notes

Running files through older versions of Mixed In Key or Platinum Notes can cause the files to only play at 32kps in Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH (even with hardware devices attached).

If you wish to use Mixed In Key or Platinum Notes with audio files it is recommended to upgrade to Mixed In Key 4.0 for Windows, Mixed In Key 4.1 for Mac OSX or Platinum Notes 3.0 (Windows or Mac OSX).

There may still be some incompatibilities with older audio files when using Mixed In Key or Platinum Notes. Files downloaded from prior to mid-March 2010 should, where ever possible, be downloaded again to ensure maximum compatibility with Mixed In Key and Platinum Notes.

But, as some Releases are no longer available for download, it is recommended that you create back ups of your audio files before using Mixed In Key, Platinum Notes or any 3rd party software that re-writes MP3 ID3 tags.

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Editing the tags of a wl.mp3 track in some editors may destroy the high quality audio

Some ID3 tag editors will alter ID3 tags other than the ones you ask them to. This can destroy the high quality portion of the wl.mp3 file. If this happens you will have to download the affected track again.

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Forum Discussions

Can I edit my forum message?

No, editing messages makes it hard to follow a discussion. To avoid mistakes in the future please try to preview a message before submitting it.

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How do I add a link to another website in my forum message?

Simply type the URL or website address (eg or into your message. The forum turns that into a link using magic.

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Can I attach a file to a forum discussion?

Some forum areas have an "ATTACH A FILE" button which you can use to upload a file to the discussion. Uploaded files are only visible to Serato and relevant partner support staff.

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How do I quote someone?

If you want to quote a message in the current discussion click on "QUOTE" inside the message you wish to quote.

To quote part of a message select the text and click "QUOTE"

If you wish to quote something from outside of the current discussion you should use [quote] text [/quote].

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How can I bold/underline/italics/strikethrough text in my form message?

Use [b] text [/b] for bold.
Use [u] text [/u] for underline.
Use [i] text [/i] for italics.
Use [s] text [/s] for strikethrough.

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How do I track a forum discussion?

To the right of the page in your "Forum Toolbox" is a link called Track this discussion. Click this and the discussion will be added to the "Your Tracked Discussions" area (linked at the top right of each page).

If a new message is posted in one of your tracked discussions, a notification will appear next to the Your Tracked Discussions link.

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How do I write a private message to another user?

Click "SEND MESSAGE" from that user's profile.

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What do the Forum Settings on my Settings page mean?

Automatically mark messages as read when viewed - When you view a discussion the messages in that discussion are automatically marked as being read (unhighlighted).

Manually mark messages as read - When you view a discussion, you need to manually click Mark messages as read to mark it as read.

Automatically subscribe me to discussions I reply to - If you post a reply in a discussion, the discussion will be automatically added to your Tracked Discussions area.

Threads per page - The number of discussions to display per page when viewing a forum area.

Current Time - Set this to your local time. This will translate all dates posted on the forum from Greenwitch Mean Time (GMT) to your local time.

If you are logged in you can click here to go to your preference settings.

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Why are the times posted in the forum incorrect?

Your time zone is probably set to GMT.
If you are logged in you can set your local time here.

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Browser Support

Supported Web Browsers

If your specific browser is not listed then we have not tested with it and cannot be sure how well the site will function for you.

Mac OS X Users

Browsers that are supported and available to you are:

Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 Users

Browsers that are supported and available to you are:

Windows 2000 and Windows 98 Users

Browsers that are supported and available to you are:

Unsupported Browsers

If you are using an unsupported browser you may need to upgrade to use some pages:

  • Internet Explorer in Compatibility mode
  • Internet Explorer 6 and below

Mobile Browsers

We do not currently support mobile web browsers including those found on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.


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I'm unable to install a supported web browser. What can I do?

If workplace IT policies or other administrative limitations prevent you from installing new software applications on your computer you may not be able to upgrade or change your web browser to a supported version.

If you're running Microsoft Windows, provide a number of software applications that are packaged in such as way as to not require a regular install. Applications can be run directly off a hard drive or USB flash drive and will not write any files to the normal installation locations (including the system Registry).

This means that you can run a Portableapps software package even if you do not have permission to install software on your computer.

Portableapps provide a version of the Firefox web browser that will allow you a full web browsing experience on our websites. You can download it here.

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What are Playlists?

Playlists is a system to help DJs share their playlists online. Playlists can be exported from Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH software to your online Serato DJ profile, where you can store, edit and promote them.

Playlists are disabled by default. To enable Playlists click the 'Playlists' option in the 'Plug-ins' tab. There are two ways to share your playlists:

  1. Live History
    Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH have a 'Start Live Playlist' button in the History panel. Clicking this button initiates a 'live' Playlist whereby your track listing is sent to Serato websites as you play it. From here, your friends and fans can watch real-time updates of the set you’re playing at the club/on the radio/in your bedroom.
  2. Export to Serato Profile
    An export function has been added to the existing drop down list in the History panel, for those who prefer to upload their playlists after their set. Select the option labeled 'Serato Playlists' then click the 'Export' button.
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Who can see my Playlists?

You can choose to have individual Playlists set as private or public.

A private Playlist is visible to only you and Serato staff. Public Playlists are visible to anyone.

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What information am I sharing with Serato?

Information shared with Serato can be broadly divided into two categories:

  1. Information specific to Playlists functionality
    This includes information about the computer a Playlist was generated on, date/time information and special data required for the purposes of sharing data between Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH Software and Serato online profiles.
  2. Track data
    This is information about the tracks played within a Playlist and is collated from ID3 tag meta data (eg. track name, artist name, genre etc)

The information specific to Playlists functionality shared with Serato is:

  • Date and time of data submission
  • Basic operating system information (type of OS and version)
  • Name and version number of Serato DJ software application
  • IP address of computer submitting data
  • A unique identifier for the History database that stores the Playlist data
  • An identifier for each session contained within the Playlist submission
  • Start and end time of Playlist sessions and tracks
  • The time offset from GMT as specified in the source computer's date/time settings (aka UTC offset)
  • Duration a track was played within a Playlist session
  • Which deck a track was played on (eg. left, right etc)

Track data shared with Serato is:

  • File name (ONLY file name - does not include location of file on hard disk)
  • Track name
  • Track Artist
  • Album Name
  • Genre
  • Track duration
  • Track file size
  • Track bit rate
  • Track sample rate
  • Track BPM
  • Track remixer
  • Record label
  • Composer
  • Year
  • Rating
  • Track number
  • Key
  • Whitelabel release and track ID (Whitelabel audio files only)

The following track data is NOT shared with Serato:

  • Complete track file location on local hard disk
  • 'Comments' ID3 tag
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I have privacy concerns about Serato Playlists - how does Serato protect my privacy?

Serato takes your privacy very seriously.

Before using Playlists we suggest you read the Website Privacy Policy, Playlists Privacy Policy and Website Terms and Conditions.

If these documents don't satisfy your concerns then we suggest that you don't use Serato Playlists.

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What does the ‘Let record labels follow my Whitelabel Plays’ option do?

Serato offers a promotional music service called to all of our Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH DJs. offers hundreds of tracks to download, all of which are equipped for instant play in our DJ software.

Selecting the ‘Let record labels follow my Whitelabel Plays’ option allows the record labels using to see first hand how popular their tracks are with DJs by reporting your plays of their tracks.

Record labels will be able see Playlist location information if you have entered it, date/time information about when the track was played, and basic information about you including your DJ name and location information (city, state, zip and country) as entered into Serato online profile.

Record labels cannot see your email address, phone number or street address.

Record labels can only see plays of their tracks - they cannot see plays of tracks provided by other record labels and they cannot see plays of tracks.

If this is not something you want to do, choose 'Don't show record labels my Whitelabel Plays'.

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If I let Record Labels see my plays what’s in it for me?

One of the reasons Serato started was to revive the tradition of DJs breaking records. serves as a bridge between record labels and DJs and by letting a record label follow your Whitelabel Plays, you are commanding the labels’ attention and building a relationship with them.

For DJs who already have solid links with record labels, this is an easy and accurate way for you to share your play information with them.

For DJs looking to promote themselves as professionals, this is a great way to get your names in front of record labels as a DJ who actively plays their records.

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What does 'Contribute Plays to the Serato DJ Charts' mean?

The Serato DJ Chart is a music chart compiled by us, using information from DJs. It will be the most accurate representation of what DJs REALLY play around the world and we want you to be part of it.

If you elect to contribute your Playlists to the Serato Charts, your information is submitted anonymously, unless you decide otherwise. This is your choice alone and we will never share your information without your consent.

If this is not something you want to do, choose ‘Don't count my Plays in the Serato DJ Charts’

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Do I need an internet connection to use Playlists? I thought Serato recommended I disable my wireless connection when DJing?

You only need an active internet connection while DJing if you intend on using the Live Playlist feature. If you wish to export your playlists after your gigs you can disable your network connections during your gigs and reactivate them when you upload your playlist data.

Serato has always recommended that you disable all network connections when using Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH, but the Live Playlist feature will only work with an active internet connection. Therefore, we highly recommend you exercise caution any time you have to use the internet whilst operating any audio software. We suggest testing the Live Playlist feature at home in a controlled environment to evaluate your computer's performance before you use it live.

If you encounter unexpected performance of any sort we suggest that you don't use Live Playlists and instead export your playlist data when you're not performing with Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH.

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