Shapeshifter - Long White Cloud (Nutone Remix) [Truetone]

11:44 PM, 16 Oct 2008
Download this Release here:
kid90nz 3:06 AM 17 October 2008
Every time I hear this tune, I think of a summer's drive up into the Taranaki Ranges.....lush goodness.
Already have this on vinyl, but chur for the digital version. Any chance of getting the other side from the vinyl? Shapeshifter's mix is pretty solid.
Loot 5:38 AM 17 October 2008
great track and remix
andosguy 1:22 PM 17 October 2008
i love the idea of this track... it would be great if i could edit it a little, but for now ill be looping and skipping some parts... but when i first heard it i was wondering why i hadn't heard it on the radio
Dj Lennie III 7:00 PM 20 October 2008
This is a much more radio friendly track. The vocals are so smooth! I am so surprised that this hasn't been picked up by a Sirius station like Area. With tracks like this I wish I could trust my dancefloor not to scatter. This could become a late night club classic with the right mix and or chill club.
fusic 6:11 PM 21 October 2008
Nice remix from Nutone. Good early evening drum n bass number
kid90nz 4:24 AM 22 October 2008
If you like the remix, find the Shapeshifter Floor mix or the album fact, anything by Shapeshifter is phat!
dubness 2:00 AM 3 November 2008
i like this...its energetic...its a GO!
peds 10:34 PM 14 November 2008
love all of nu-tones work would like to hear more from shapeshifters another side step of dnb
X Trax 11:50 PM 14 November 2008
Yar Trick Yar!!!!!!!!
X Trax 11:50 PM 14 November 2008
Yar Yar Trick!!!!!
fadwidit 10:44 PM 11 December 2008
Git out ma face!!!!!!!!!

Mean tracks. Mean live shows too!!!
djhovis 12:18 PM 12 December 2008
benny page tune tune rewind bizness
CJD 4:40 PM 12 February 2009
Nasty!!!!! A+
More DnB on here would be nice....
Static2.0 9:25 AM 16 February 2009
This track is f*ckin ridiculous! MORE DRUM-N-BASS like this......

Love the breakdown of this track as well

DJ KillaGraham 8:01 PM 18 February 2009
I LOVE this liquid track!!! Absolutely more like this!
DBSTA 3:15 PM 21 February 2009
Wicked Tune glad they posted this up
magin 7:24 PM 18 May 2009
Love this tune. My wife got me into Shapeshifter...their albums are fantastic.....always in the car cd changer =)
acidshell 2:31 AM 31 October 2012
Very good

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