Amber Sunshower - Walter T. Smith [Shamalama Music]

12:01 PM, 28 Oct 2008
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andosguy 1:27 PM 28 October 2008
i like the song running, but on some of the other i don't feel like the vocals match up... but the beats are good, and as i said "running" is a great slow song
Stress213 12:06 AM 3 November 2008
Yo...Is it Me? Or did she release these track 10 years ago?
dubness 1:43 AM 3 November 2008
Ha...its only took me a few seconds to tell that this track is HOT....! Its on!
PhatSoul 3:01 AM 3 November 2008
yeah, this was an older album released around 97'
truthspeaks 3:42 AM 7 November 2008
I personally think the "lookin around my window" joint is hot
Jez 10:24 AM 11 November 2008
I think "Desoto" is the better track. Not sure bout some of the others.
nuwave_afro 3:17 PM 11 November 2008
GREAT production, but YES, no, the vocals dont match up.
and YES she released this 10 years ago...
but i appreciate the 2nd look, and the idea of 2nd looks for good music -
that said, this isnt SO good - she has great voice in the bjork style - but the beats are suited for something else.
out of the whole release, i can get with "running" and "serengeti".
DJ G-Money 1:02 AM 18 November 2008
This was an album that people really slept on when it first came out. I used to play some of the cuts on my Nu Soul/Acid Jazz/Trip Hop radio show. Regular radio would not touch it. She had some nice cuts when she use to rap with The Flava Unit.
djmrgrant 5:47 PM 18 January 2009
Wow, Im surprised to see this here. This album is over ten years old, but I think it was under appreciated back then.
Running Song is the obvious break out track. I hope people give this a listen.
CJD 4:31 PM 12 February 2009
Liked it when it came out.. Still like it now...
Thanks for the re-release>>>>
Lauschgift72 10:38 AM 1 February 2010
Amber's voice is amazing, my most liked tune is voices, ...

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