Kevin Michael - It Don't Make Any Difference To Me [Lava Records]

8:19 AM, 27 Jul 2007
Download this Release here:
G Man 9:59 PM 31 July 2007
Not a bad track. A little too polished for my taste.
Detroitbootybass 6:28 PM 2 August 2007
Not a bad track. A little too polished for my taste.

It does seem a tad bit too 'radio friendly' to me too, but hopefully that is just because it is the 'radio mix'. I'd be interested to hear an extended mix or a remix as they might have more substance (not so homogenized).
ShaneC 12:42 PM 7 August 2007
Cheddar. This is rubbish.
Kool DJ Sheak One 11:19 PM 16 August 2007
First off duke, loose the poodle.
You will get more chicks without it.
I know that is why you are singing isnt it? For the tang?
Get some better production kid, you could have potential.
Voice is'nt flat, but that beat is beyond bad in a bad way.
DJ Ricky_Dee 4:56 AM 17 August 2008
i just got on whitelable so i diggin in the crates...
tune sound good i'll run it..
keep them commin
DJ GOOK 8:12 PM 18 April 2009
not my cup of tea

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