Various Artists - Drumline Riddim [Black Chiney]

8:19 AM, 27 Jul 2007
Download this Release here:
ShaneC 2:09 PM 27 July 2007
This is a nice club tune, it's working for me anyway - plus the instrumental will come in real handy.
dj disturbed 10:27 PM 27 July 2007
this is the only one out of the ones just put up that is any good
Osiris 5:06 AM 30 July 2007
YES! That Drumline Riddim shit will blow up in the clubs!!! Seriously sick instrumental. Definitely a banger...
dj disturbed 8:37 AM 30 July 2007
damn.. finaly get a chance to download it... and its not available any longer on Whitelable..... that sucks
Matt G 11:11 AM 30 July 2007
Oops. The release is back online now. It'll be up for a while longer yet.
G Man 9:56 PM 31 July 2007
Love this riddim....didn't have the elephant man. Good for the dancefloor!
Zeal303 5:29 PM 1 August 2007
the Notch track was the best IMHO, but that is mostly because here in Europe the track really needs a decent vocal to cut it..
Detroitbootybass 7:00 PM 2 August 2007
I like the instrumental (I could to a lot with it)... the others are throw-aways.
boabmatic 1:47 PM 13 August 2007
good instrumental but struggling to get into the vocal versions.... wasp & ward21 were the best vocal versions though.
djcharles 4:10 PM 19 August 2007
i don't understand why it goes under both timeline and drumline riddim.
dave 10:22 PM 19 August 2007
Hey djcharles, each Release is multiple versions of a single Track, so there's one Release for the Drumline Riddim, one for the Timeline Riddim. And yeah, those riddims are very similar.
djcharles 1:50 PM 24 August 2007
I understand how riddims work. but my question is: are they very similar or just the same? they share the same album cover too.
TheDanceDJ 3:06 PM 24 August 2007
Drumline and timeline are NOT identical riddims. Listen to the instrumental versions to hear the differences more easily. It does sound as though drumline simply has a few more drum parts over timeline, but I could be wrong about that.
DJ Dynamight 3:10 AM 3 October 2007
you'd have to know about the feud between Mavado and Vybez kartel to understand his tune on this riddim.
casious 1:34 AM 6 October 2007
yeah this riddim is nice
DJ GOOK 8:19 PM 18 April 2009
like da instro.
tailspin 8:57 AM 4 October 2011
LOOK FOR THE SONG.. "Pull Out the Stick" florida music

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