Raekwon's Ice Water feat. Method Man - Love Don't Cost (A Thing) [Babygrande Records]

8:19 AM, 27 Jul 2007
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
Kool DJ Sheak One 5:54 PM 21 August 2007
You know fitty spent, spent 8 million on his entourage for the last tour. EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS for roadies that dont do what roadies do. Thats a lot of Vitamin Water.

I wonder how much Rae has to spend on these wack Mcs he is rolling with?

Fuck these fuckin dirty south snares for Jesus fucking sake!!!!

Well Im gonna assume Meth is on this, since the song cuts out before he spits.

Why does Rae surround himself with these Dirty Souf wannabes? Is it to make him look that much out of place and to sound uncomfortable?

Fuckin Method Man... Come back! Call Rza and say you're sorry and come back with another Tical album.
And stop playing with these puppies and come run with the big dawgs again.
You too Rae,
where's Cubanlinks two? Did I miss it?
Jeff D 6:11 PM 21 August 2007
LOL Method Man's actually my next door neighbor in Staten Island...
ACRE'IZM 9:11 PM 10 November 2007
Yo I can dig it... cough up the instrumental!
Dj Empire 7:21 AM 21 December 2008
like te track for personal listening but don't really play in my club not a big hip hop club
DJ GOOK 8:11 PM 18 April 2009
dont do nothing for me

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