Solephonic - Manuel Bundy presents the Solephonic EP Sampler [Sugarlicks Records]

12:00 AM, 30 Jul 2007
Download this Release here:
Shumzs 11:45 PM 30 July 2007
feeling this 1
Jay Ru 4:43 PM 31 July 2007
nice track, lovin the beat. any chance of the rest of the tracks on the e.p. ",!
dave 3:07 AM 2 August 2007
Sugarlicks Records were keen to give you a taster of the EP. Its well worth getting, Danger Part Two is the best.
Jay Ru 7:38 AM 2 August 2007
any ideas where i can pick up a copy (digital format preferably)
DeezNotes 5:25 PM 2 August 2007
I like this track.
Detroitbootybass 6:13 PM 2 August 2007
I'm really diggin' this cut... so much so that i'm quite keen on picking up the other four tracks. This would do well in a variety of situations and has made the cut (meaning that it has made it into my rotation).
dave 11:54 PM 2 August 2007
Vinyl (shipping from NZ):


There's a bunch of Sugarlicks stuff on Dance Tracks Digital ->

Murk 108 - Let'n Off Shots (aka Lentawphshawts) was pretty popular when it came out.
dj disturbed 7:20 PM 5 August 2007
this track caused major issues in 1.7.3rc1...
there for more info....... i uploaded my download of the track to the SSL file upload system to see what is wrong with the copy i got.
dave 10:10 PM 5 August 2007
Thanks disturbed.
ShaneC 12:34 PM 7 August 2007
This is nice. His flow feels like Rhymefest.
Thundercat 1:09 AM 11 August 2007
Straight to a crate. Peace
Mr No 10:56 AM 11 August 2007
yup straight to a crate, i'm off to get the rest of the ep.
nik39 11:10 AM 13 August 2007
I'm really diggin' this cut... so much so that i'm quite keen on picking up the other four tracks.


Nice one.
Kool DJ Sheak One 11:39 PM 15 August 2007
Not too shabby
dave 2:50 AM 25 September 2007
Sugarlicks have added the OTA Remix of Higher to this release, grab it here:
SUBSTANCE 9:17 PM 16 July 2008
Manuel is the man.
DJ GOOK 8:16 PM 18 April 2009
not feeling this
djs and mcs llc 10:52 PM 19 October 2011
Nice swag flow!

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