Christine - Lose Control [Tony Mercedes International]

5:02 AM, 7 Aug 2007
Download this Release here:
DJ Prinvale` 2:59 AM 10 August 2007
decent, doesn't really stand out imo
ShaneC 9:11 AM 10 August 2007
The vocal is good the beats let this song down... I'd consider playing it otherwise.
Osiris 8:52 AM 11 August 2007
I agree with DJ Prinvale. But the masses will like it and I think it will move people, so I'll play it.
dj disturbed 7:01 PM 12 August 2007
I played it last night... worked well in the club. Its got a good beat(at least its not a 78bpm crunk beat) that people can dance too
nik39 10:41 AM 13 August 2007
Too cheesy.

And how often do we have to listen to the "Push It"-sample?
boabmatic 1:31 PM 13 August 2007
the Marcello Nine's remix is probably the best version for me but don't think its gonna be a huge hit.
Playdope 3:46 AM 14 August 2007
this tune is gonna work in the club fo sho !! lyrics are simple, beats are a few simple loops. what more can you ask for to get the ladies movin ?? LOL
Kool DJ Sheak One 10:00 PM 15 August 2007
Might be good for when your krumping up in the Mickey Mouse Playhouse, showing Goofy your latest Hillary Duff wallpaper on your Scion Sidekick!
allstarchris 5:54 PM 17 August 2007
Nothing special, but agree with Playdope that this will definately work in the club. For me the Marcello Nine version is the one that works best, and is the one I'll be playing. I'll try it in my warm up.
R3K Dirty Rican 1:52 PM 1 March 2010
The vocal is good the beats let this song down... I'd consider playing it otherwise.

My thoughts exactly!

Bet if put the acapella up. There would be tons of Better Bootleg mixes out.

For me, the music had a "copy cat" effect. If you're making a song called "Loose Control" and there was already a song called "Loose contol", for generally the same genre; It makes your sound give a crowd a "Cheese Factor" effect. Not a good idea....

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