Bloc Party - Helicopter [Dim Mak Records]

11:10 PM, 9 Aug 2007
Download this Release here:
ShaneC 9:12 AM 10 August 2007
The Whitey Remix is solid.
Mr No 11:05 AM 10 August 2007
Diplo remix has a touch of Kano P's and Q's about it, though that could just be me... Diplo and Weird Science remixes win for me.
yossarian 5:05 PM 10 August 2007
I like all remixes. But I would prefer the one that featured Peaches. The original is one of my favourite Bloc Party tunes. Pretty old, innit?

nik39 10:45 AM 13 August 2007
I like the "Weird Science Remix". Nice.
boabmatic 1:36 PM 13 August 2007
not a fan of bloc party but the Whitey version was ok..
Playdope 8:41 PM 13 August 2007

Not my cup of tea..but it's good to see the diversity your trying to brign forth !!!
DJ Prinvale` 2:17 AM 14 August 2007
haha cool. I like it
gregdaynes 5:48 AM 14 August 2007
i loved the "Wierd Scence Remix", the crowd seemed to love it too :)
Ronan 12:27 AM 15 August 2007
yeah this is dope. Bloc party came to New Zealand for the first time last week and blew us away with a monster finale of this song (my favourite bloc party song of course).

I really appreciate the diversity of the remixes.
The diplo remix is good, but I found it quite hard to mix.
The weird science remix is soo danceable... I love it.
But only the Whitey remix really captures the spirit of the original.
Kool DJ Sheak One 9:54 PM 15 August 2007
"Hipster Crack"
DJ 3pm 3:13 PM 23 August 2007
white mix is awesome!
djn 3:10 PM 12 September 2007
old track, yes. but thanks for the remixes!
Zenon Marko 4:25 AM 22 February 2009
One of the best Bloc Party songs, and one of the best recent rock/electronic hybrid remixes. Yes, it's a couple years old, but I still play that Whitey remix out to very strong response (and there are always people in the audience for whom it's a "new" discovery).

This is one of the few good tracks I've found so far on WhiteLabel. Everything here seems oriented to rather mainstream hip-hop and such. Nothing I would ever play. I hope the selection expands to include more indie, alternative, electro, downtempo, nujazz, deep house, etc. I do like the concept, and the interface and player are well thought out.

By the way, the BPM of the Whitey remix is double what is listed, although of course you can mix it to a half-time track.
Deejay Z 8:54 PM 23 February 2009
Great freakin song!!! Glad i went through whitelabel today
Zenon Marko 10:21 PM 23 February 2009
The breakdown to silence in the Whitey remix is just killer. The guitar riff coming back in always gets everyone going...

Whitey's own artist records are excellent also...a lot of it is more mellow, but great productions and vocals. I don't think any of those are available here yet on WhiteLabel. Maybe I just missed them...

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