Scanners - Bombs [Dim Mak Records]

10:39 PM, 13 Aug 2007
Download this Release here:
nik39 9:15 AM 14 August 2007
Not my cup of tea, *but* this one sounds good.

Esp. the original version and "Trizzy's Boom Bam Slam Mix".
Kool DJ Sheak One 9:48 PM 15 August 2007
Two last mixes are worthy of play out. I will scan peoples facial reactions when this one plays
Mr No 10:05 AM 16 August 2007
is okay, can't see myself playing this out though.
ShaneC 1:11 PM 17 August 2007
There's a nice range of mixes on this one, any chance of acapella? Or instrumental on the "Rene Goulet's Dollar Slot Jackpot Mix"?
rick_dangerous 9:39 PM 18 August 2007
some of the mixes seem real nice.
i like the white lights one. let's see!
Mr No 10:09 PM 20 January 2008
Ha ha, typical i say something like - "can''t see myself playing this out though."
then i go and play it out to a great response! i think these were definitely growers (at least for me, i guess i am slow?) I now really like the Trizzy remix...

Nik39 was right, i was wrong... hangs head in shame.
ronibiggs 11:26 PM 28 March 2008
for me its all about the castlevania one at the moment. suprisingly im getting into this electro shit nowadays!
DJ GOOK 8:21 PM 18 April 2009
no good

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