Scanners - Lowlife [Dim Mak Records]

12:51 AM, 12 Sep 2007
Download this Release here:
Kool DJ Sheak One 5:56 PM 12 September 2007
Gonna have to roll with the LA Riots Remix for the backbeat. Scanners are a tad bit squirrley on the vocals. A nice dub version would be choice. I will keep this cut for that next hipster soiree.
nik39 8:00 AM 13 September 2007
Teenagers Remix sounds ok.

The other two versions are a little to predictable. Sounds like I've heard it dozens of times before.

Keep in mind, thats not usually my cup of tea anyway.
djjohnmichael 11:34 AM 31 August 2008
I heard this at the end of the Steve Aoki CD (LA Riots Mix), and thought "hmmm... he's closing it out with just another average song". The vocal blew me away after that though... definitely the best part about the track. I can still drop this mix for underground house / tech house snobs, and it still sets it off.

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