Da'Ville - Always On My Mind [VP Records]

12:00 AM, 20 Sep 2007
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
concorde_pilot 9:02 PM 20 September 2007
Kool DJ Sheak One 5:15 PM 21 September 2007
Sean is the only one that makes this shit even playable.The frequency of that sellouts voice, triggers something in women to jump up to the dancefloor.
SP could be on that new Barney remix and broads would be winding on the poles to that shit.
But the vocoder is gonna have to make me not download this crap. And dude don't really have chops. Kinda bullshitting through the song. You could probably make a dope roots cover of this song, minus the cheese and a different singer, featuring Sizzla maybe?
Zeal303 1:07 PM 23 September 2007
It's not too often that something playable enough comes from whitelabel.. There has been great stuff for listening, but this is one of the few that one can play for the crowd..

DJ Dynamight 2:59 AM 3 October 2007
Da'Ville has been getting a lot of love in the Caribbean community and this tune is no exception in Brooklyn. It gets a lot of air play, and the ladies sing along. The video with Sean Paul gets a lot of burn on Suzie Q's Reggae Top Ten Video Alley show also.
Evillincoln 9:24 PM 17 November 2007
Ths isn't a club joint but ya'll already know that. This is easily a joint i can play tonight @ the steak house that I spin @ & thursdays @ the sushi joint... refreshing. Thanks tho'.
selectajay 8:43 AM 10 December 2007
i saw da ville perform this big chune at irie jam 07. the ladies luv the tune but does nutthn for me. i giv it a spin anyway (chek for the rmx)..thnx..keep the reggae coming!
nick_d 8:49 AM 2 July 2008
I love this track. Like Evillincoln said it really isn't a club joint but playable as lounge music in my mind. Definitely in my crate. Thanks!
CSR 2:40 PM 4 July 2008
Funny to see the variety of reactions to a song like this. I suppose it's because we all play in vastly different clubs--and crowds. My crowd--almost all caribbean, loved this tune when it came out, still loved it when Sean Paul dropped on it, and we can still run either version and get a good response--what, 2 years later?

@ Kool DJ Sheak One... it's not a vocoder, it's a ProTools plug-in called Autotune. I know your comment was Sept '07, so I'm sure you've realized by now that about 80% of all hip hop, rnb, & dancehall tracks hitting the charts in the last six months have this effect. Like it or not, it's the flavour of the moment.
dj_nas_t 3:40 PM 7 July 2008
People love this song in a dance. Not just the top 40 crowd because Sean Paul is in it, the dancehall crowd too. Top 40 clubs will stop playing this song long before dancehall will. This was a great move on Da'Ville and Sean Paul's part. No one deserves to have their song played more than Da'Ville. When you go to Weddy Weddy in JA he's there promoting the song, giving it away for free. This artist deserves to have a hit with his song no matter if Sean Paul did it or not. Savage Garden went to #1 with the same song twice on the American top #40 charts did they not? Big up the Dj's who play it. Respect to Da'Ville for pushing it.
Caramac 12:21 PM 17 July 2008
I really like this song. Both versions and get a pretty good response in both the Dancehall and other types of clubs.

Da'Ville's kind of like Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder as it's easy for someone not into Reggae music to understand what he's saying.

But yeah. I like this song and play it out pretty reguarly.
DJ Ricky_Dee 7:51 PM 17 August 2008
I'm just getting on whitelable.net and i know the tunes, had them for a while, but this is my chance to give my feedback... da'ville has been bubbling for a couple of years, this tune is probably his biggest so far... this tune bust way before sean paul even got on it.. all sean did was bust again..
give thanks and keep the tunes commin'
bless up Dj Ricky_Dee

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