Master P - I Love This Game [GoDigital Records]

2:20 AM, 20 Aug 2007
Download this Release here:
nik39 2:37 AM 20 August 2007
Ugh.... and I don't mean "na na na na naaaa".
kev_the_dj 7:04 PM 20 August 2007
He's back?! D:
Kool DJ Sheak One 5:37 PM 21 August 2007
Master Pee Pee needs to stick to ballin in the mornin and evenin, cuz this music is straight horribleness.

He could be building community centers or opening up new little league baseball fields with his billions, not rapping. We all know he can't rap, but he can make money!

Serato guys, I know shit is free and you are getting service from the Miller camp, but this music does nothing but bring down societies iq down a few notches,
concorde_pilot 10:23 PM 21 August 2007
not that good, but the beat might be useable
DJ 3pm 2:52 PM 23 August 2007
as far as come back tracks, it's not the worse. that being said, i think his son as more potential than he does.
FAMLIOSO BEATS 7:03 AM 27 August 2007
It got a Lil' LEAN 2 it, not a club banger but i can ride 2 it...u almost there P.
boabmatic 11:14 PM 11 September 2007
was never a big master p fan ..... its ok but probably not get plays from me...
djn 3:07 PM 12 September 2007
i'm from new orleans, have liked some of master p's stuff. but i just couldn't get past the opening choruses before scrambling to press a button on my ipod. any button.

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