Various Artists - Riddem Driven - Heathen Riddem [VP Records]

11:08 PM, 22 Aug 2007
Download this Release here:
Playdope 4:47 AM 23 August 2007
This is wicked !! You never see a pool drop full albums !!
Osiris 6:54 AM 23 August 2007
Fuck... Quite a few dope-ass versions in there. Still waiting on the instrumental though... That would make it a perfect "must have" for any hiphop/ragga dj. It's an off the hook collective IMHO. Don't sleep on this friends!

Sam 8:30 AM 23 August 2007
nik39 12:12 PM 23 August 2007
Nice versions.

Still waiting on the instrumental though

Yona 9:33 PM 23 August 2007
Keep the reggae/dancehall coming! Loving it
dave 11:36 PM 23 August 2007
Keep the reggae/dancehall coming! Loving it

Thanks. There's more lined up already.
yossarian 7:24 PM 24 August 2007
Version galore! Love that! And the people over here in Germany too.
Zeal303 7:20 AM 26 August 2007
One of the best "dancehall" tracks in a long time..
concorde_pilot 9:05 PM 26 August 2007
Keep the reggae/dancehall coming! Loving it
boabmatic 11:00 PM 11 September 2007
good release the d'lynx version probably my favourite mix
DJ Dynamight 3:05 AM 3 October 2007
The Shaggy and Ninja Man tunes are the big tunes on the riddim. Not crazy about the rest. And yes, we need the version (aka instrumental).
casious 1:32 AM 6 October 2007
yes of course, fire riddim here!!! the shaggy is murder...

and for real, respect on the reggae, keep that coming
BIG DJ PHAZE 8:26 AM 9 July 2008
Thanks again Whitelabel :)
Caramac 3:01 PM 21 July 2008
I loved the Shaggy tune but was undecided on the others. Not sure if they're have been any videos to accompany the other tunes but the Shaggy one is kind of super big compared to the others.

This would have been better as a one drop as opposed to a whole riddim with other artists.
DJPremium 8:45 AM 25 July 2008
Kinda late on this, but it's hot! Have to check them out better to decide which i like best though.

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