DJ Blaqstarr - Supastarr 2.0 [Mad Decent]

12:51 AM, 12 Sep 2007
Download this Release here:
Lincoln 3:16 AM 12 September 2007
Hell yeah! Mad Decent for the win! I love this track, it's crazy and awesome. My only gripe would be that it's rather short. (might be hard to mix) And why is there no BPM on the listing?

Oh and I'm super excited for the Switch and Claude VonStroke remixes, anyone know if/when they'll be available here?
dave 4:35 AM 12 September 2007
Sorry about that, the BPM should be in there now.
Sheeds 6:55 AM 12 September 2007
Big ups on gettin the Mad Decent label on board.
TheDanceDJ 5:52 PM 12 September 2007
Don't like this one at all. Sounds very amateurish.
Kool DJ Sheak One 6:40 PM 12 September 2007
Ghetto techy, Baltimory. A little minimal, And ya, a little short, but hey, just loop this shit.
This is that new jump rope song!
nik39 7:57 AM 13 September 2007
Has this track been cut short?
dave 8:32 AM 13 September 2007
Not by, the original is 2 minutes something.
Yona 11:11 PM 18 September 2007
Props on getting some Baltimore Club one here. I would love to see more! Contact Unruly Records - DJ Scottie B. They make a lot of bmore club music.
Sex Panther 2:41 PM 19 September 2007
Its short, but thats the nature of bmore club mixing, quick
djn 7:48 PM 19 September 2007
good track. short but great loops. mad decent!
Just B 3:02 AM 3 March 2009
Guess I gotta cut this one up to ride it. Likes :)...................8/9

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