Blu & Exile - Blu Collar Worker [Sound In Color]

12:51 AM, 12 Sep 2007
Download this Release here:
Kool DJ Sheak One 6:43 PM 12 September 2007
SIC is that label with some good shit for sure. I almost have all the colors they put out on wax.
Exile is the Ivory of Emanon, still doin big thangs.
Word. Instro would be nice.
nik39 7:54 AM 13 September 2007
Sounds good. Agree with Sheak... whats up with the instro+accap? DJ's need that :)
rick_dangerous 9:23 AM 14 September 2007
i love the blu & exile album. but i own the cd. i need the instrumentals! (and the accapellas) :D
ShaneC 4:42 PM 18 September 2007
Wow. This is more like it. This guy has been getting no attention in Europe, none of my dj buddies had even heard about it. I'm gonna go order this today.

Love this tune. Everything about it. This will go down a treat at any sexy bar gig. Production is solid. Good release.
concorde_pilot 9:37 PM 20 September 2007
good one...
rollasoul 10:51 AM 28 November 2007
got the album some time ago and can say: this is a future classic. lovin every track on it, nice rappin, heavy production, also got heavy airplay over the last year in our shows. SIC releases have constant quality ... respect!

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