Klash - I Told You [Klash City Records]

12:51 AM, 12 Sep 2007
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
Kool DJ Sheak One 9:31 PM 12 September 2007
Gonna pass on this riddim. Not exactly a reggae tune. This does nothing for me emotionally whatsoever.
concorde_pilot 9:36 PM 20 September 2007
not bad but not outstanding either
KLASH CITY RECORDS 2:43 PM 27 September 2007
yo unuh nuh wah unuh a talk bout...... this song sell off this a real powerful tune and the swarm riddim tuff tuff tuff kartel and aidonia murda it.....
sakis256 1:33 PM 26 October 2007
real phat track!!!
Dj JumpOff 8:53 AM 26 June 2008
i like the tune. not in love with it

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