Jeff Milligan - Collaboration Series Vol. 1 [Revolver Canada]

4:30 AM, 14 Sep 2007
Download this Release here:
dj disturbed 5:02 AM 14 September 2007
Well.. i'm not into the Minimal stuff... but good to see more and more genre's on WL...
Mrq 9:02 AM 14 September 2007
Nice one, downtempo warm dubby sounds. I like it!
nik39 1:26 AM 15 September 2007
Nice music.

Also props for actually talking with us the dj's on the release notes page. More interaction, background info about the artist, label and upcoming projects in general is much appreciated.
dave 1:43 AM 15 September 2007
Yeah, these release notes are really good.

Jeff's an interesting guy. He was in NZ a week ago and I was lucky enough to interview him. Amongst other things I asked him about his 4 deck mixing with Scratch LIVE, the hypocritical situation of digital DJing while selling vinyl as a label owner, and Revolver Canada's recent decision to drop vinyl production altogether (as you can read in the release notes this is his label's first digital only release).
Kool DJ Sheak One 5:18 PM 15 September 2007
Shishima's Claw- Nice crunchy,glitchy minimal one.
side note: previews of tracks could be a little longer for some of these progressive tracks, just to get more of a feeling of the song ;)
Fatty Stallion- Some blippy, dubbed techno. Aight.
Where is When?- Probably could have used some more time with production. I need to hear the whole track maybe..

Intresting views on the impact of vinyl from these dudes. I know I have done my part to destroy the earth. My vinyl weighs a ton!
ShaneC 4:33 PM 18 September 2007

side note: previews of tracks could be a little longer for some of these progressive tracks!
Definitely agree.

SHISHIMA'S CLAW - great tune. Gritty as hell. Some nice four to the floor hidden in the background. Would play this nice and early. I really like the minimal feel. Some many labels would rush to stick some stupid vocal on.

Kudos for the release notes page too.

Sam 8:41 AM 19 September 2007
Jeff's an interesting guy. He was in NZ a week ago...

I was lucky enough to drink feijoa vodka shots with him. Those release notes make for an interesting read...
digital_steve 1:42 AM 20 September 2007
Finally some techno on whitelabel... even better it's on the more 'minimal' tip.
Really enjoyed the previews of the tracks... The only one i'm not into as much is the fenin tracks, just that bit more laid back and loungey.

Bring on more releases of this calibre!
Toby82 7:14 PM 26 September 2007
Just checked out again, and WOW, finally some Techno :)
I really like Shishima's Claw and Fatty Stallion!

Nice work!
Detroitbootybass 7:49 PM 12 October 2007
Thank you!
kenny davis 5:16 PM 9 January 2008
oh yeah great Collaboration.i play the tracks up n down.please give us more minimal stuff like this............
great job
ekwipt 11:21 PM 29 October 2008
Great to see minimal and techno released on whitelabel, we need more house, techno, minimal

Shishima's Claw - Nice tune, wobbly bassline,

Where is When? - a bit too off beat for me in terms of the layered drum track, would play to Jeffs layered 4 deck approach though i'm sure

Fatty Stallion - Probably fav of the bunch, cool vocals

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