Ghostface Killah - Milk 'Em [Sound In Color]

12:00 AM, 18 Sep 2007
Download this Release here:
ShaneC 4:22 PM 18 September 2007
This track is crazy. The instrumental will confuse any dance floor. It sounds more like some video game music than anything I could play out. Terrible production. I'm really surprised at how bad this is.
djcharles 8:22 PM 18 September 2007
isn't this an old record. i recognise the cover and I was still using vinyl then.
Kool DJ Sheak One 10:14 PM 18 September 2007
Yes, this track is about a year old at least. There are about a hundred GFK tracks that I would bump before this one. The original version is very similar, ie:bad.
Our chubby friend Exile could have taken this one in a whole different direction, alas, he just made it even weirder.
If there is five different treatments, lets have em! Why talk about them if they aren't available?
I wanna hear crybaby RicciRuccs version, since he talks so much shit on the Serato board about how his production is way better than anyone elses.
Exile had a chance to make a banger and failed miserably. :(
prizo 11:08 AM 26 September 2007
yeh agreed when i got this wax a few years back it was a big lett down... one version is kinda cool but u have to flip it quick, in and out in order for it to work...

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