Mochipet - Justin Timberlake Core [Daly City Records]

12:00 AM, 21 Sep 2007
Download this Release here:
dj_soo 7:43 AM 21 September 2007
fills out my grime/dubstep/140bpm collection nicely...
Kool DJ Sheak One 5:05 PM 21 September 2007
Kinda cool and weird. Has to be the right kind of party to pull this one off.
At least they did'nt try to do a flat cover of Sexybrokeback.
dj_soo 7:46 PM 21 September 2007
^ heh, well I doubt you could really throw this down in a mainstream party, but this would probably go off huge at the underground shows and raves i play at...
kev_the_dj 6:53 PM 30 September 2007
This is an interesting track. What's the story behind it?
nik39 11:39 PM 15 October 2007
This is an interesting track. What's the story behind it?

I'd like to know as well.

Would be nice if the labels would interact a little more here. :-)
Daly City Records 8:22 PM 24 October 2007
Hey Ya'll thanks for listening
.. and if you are interested in more Mochipet Remixes you can download them here...

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And some DJ mixes by the mochiman...

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