Me and You - Brown Paper Bag [Tru Thoughts]

12:00 AM, 21 Sep 2007
Download this Release here:
dj disturbed 12:19 AM 21 September 2007
good stuff. I like it.. keep it comming!!!
nik39 12:19 AM 21 September 2007
Sounds good to me.

So this is just an instrumental, right? Just confused cause it says "clean" version.
Jay Ru 4:38 AM 21 September 2007
it got me too!
dave 5:10 AM 21 September 2007
OK - Clean removed.

Rad track :)
dj_soo 7:42 AM 21 September 2007
yes! Tru Thoughts is on board!!!

ShaneC 10:12 AM 21 September 2007
Fantastic. It's fat. I like it a LOT. Nice chunky sound. Very nicely produced.
fusic 11:52 AM 21 September 2007
Just like dj_soo I'm very glad to see to see Tru Thoughts getting involved with - hope there will be more to come.

Real nice track, laidback but with a good solid funky beat - will definite be playing this one.
TheDanceDJ 2:57 PM 21 September 2007
I like this. Fairly simple and mellow, with an interesting assortment of instruments and influences. My one complaint is that the final 15 seconds seem rather unnecessarily out of character with the rest of the song.

Would love to see more from Tru Thoughts.
TheDanceDJ 4:32 PM 21 September 2007
Now my positive feedback on this song got deleted. Not sure what is going on here.
Kool DJ Sheak One 4:59 PM 21 September 2007
Roni Size and crew came out with this groundbreaking record almost exactly 10 years ago. And Brown Paper Bag, with its infectious stand up bass stabs and acoustic guitar melody was my shit!
I rocked many parties with my now beat up vinyls of almost all of Ronis' releases. One of the finest Drum and Bass producers ever.
I was in London for a week in 95' and went to nothing but flats blasting the new sounds of Ragga Jungle. Being a hip hop, reggae head, shit hit me like a ton of bricks. Nothing like some good rolling bass to get the party jumpin.
Now this release is a cover of this classic track. However, the only similarities in this one that are recognizable are the guitars in the very beginning. This is a cool out reggae tune, but it does'nt have any of the flavor of that Roni version. It is a different key, but it is cool by itself. I ain't mad at this tune at all, but now you guys are making me wanna rip some of that classic shit!
Kool DJ Sheak One 5:01 PM 21 September 2007
Forums are janky today!
dj_soo 8:03 PM 21 September 2007
absolutely wicked - fantastic reworking/cover of a classic track...
Dax 8:53 PM 21 September 2007
great to see tru thoughts on board,great lable ,been a fan of a lot or their artist.

cool rework of a great track, i can see this staying in my crates a long time.
if only all the music on whitelabel was this good :)
TheDanceDJ 4:09 AM 22 September 2007
Would love to see more from Tru Thoughts.

How about something from The Bamboos, Barakas, Belleruche, or any of the other artists that start with "B". ;-)
TheDanceDJ 4:30 AM 22 September 2007
Would love to see more from Tru Thoughts.

How about something from The Bamboos, Barakas, Belleruche, or any of the other artists that start with "B". ;-)

Forgot to mention The Broken Keys.
Marqs 1:26 PM 26 September 2007
Haa.. it's a nice cover. Diggin' it and will be playin' it!
sakis256 1:25 PM 26 October 2007
A very good track , thank you !
ACRE'IZM 6:57 PM 8 November 2007
It would be nice to mash up with Dynomite MC's lyrics aye?
Evillincoln 9:17 PM 17 November 2007
Ya'll are putting me onto some sh!t!! Glad to see a site where peeps actually know music!! Oh the track.. yah it's really dope *first time hearing it & didn't know it was a cover* so I'm gonna' be playing it tons... thanks for this.
a DJ 4:41 AM 7 March 2008
Admittely I don't know much about DJing for reggae crowds, but this song is real nice. Nice laid back vibe to it, and doesn't get boring even though it's instrumental.
Gunta Kinte 3:09 PM 21 March 2009
great version of the roni size brown papaer bag DNB

perfect tool
ob one uk 2:31 AM 23 March 2009
One word - Quality.

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