Quantic - Not So Blue [Tru Thoughts]

11:30 PM, 24 Sep 2007
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
TheDanceDJ 1:00 PM 25 September 2007
I like it, though it is mistakenly categorized as Hip-Hop. I think the hip-hop folks would be disappointed with this one. It's more trip-hop or nu jazz. It's a catchy upbeat tune with a bit of soul and funk. Thank Tru Thoughts for putting up another good tune. Keep 'em coming.

Since this particular tune is a bit old (2002, I think), is this any sort of a sign that Quantic has new material that will be out soon? If so, that would be great.
Marqs 1:29 PM 26 September 2007
I'd categorize it as broken beat, nu jazz type. That's a funny track! :) Quantic has been my pick for a while. Keep more of this stuff comin'...
Marqs 12:03 AM 27 September 2007
But I discovered some issues with this track. It skips a bit in a few places (or has holes in, you can even see)

Check at 04.06 min and 04.45 min

Hope for a fix!
dave 1:55 AM 27 September 2007
Thanks, we've removed this for now.
dave 2:56 AM 27 September 2007
... and we'll get new audio up as soon as possible.
Kool DJ Sheak One 2:59 AM 27 September 2007
The rest of this album is stupid fresh aswell.(And anything by Quantic)
Already put an ill rap on top of this track a few months ago!
Marqs 12:03 PM 27 September 2007
dave 7:56 PM 27 September 2007
OK, its back. Thanks again Marqs.
Osiris 3:52 AM 28 September 2007
Dang, this is a fresh track though! Can prolly do some crazy shit with this...
Zeal303 11:11 AM 28 September 2007
Always like the jazzy shit, though not so many places that I can use them in.. But it is just brilliant. Not hit material but in the underground it definately has its place..
TheDanceDJ 12:43 PM 28 September 2007
Maybe I was wrong and it was smart marketing to categorize this song as hip-hop. Just think of it as a hip-hop instrumental, combine it with an a capella rap and now you've got something fresh. We can call it nu-hop. ;-)
Mr No 8:17 AM 1 October 2007
An oldy but a goody. Quantic stuff is always up there, crosses so many genres without really trying, (which is a good thing)
fusic 4:01 PM 4 October 2007
Classic Quantic. I already have it but good to see this kind of stuff appearing here.
nik39 11:58 PM 15 October 2007
Evillincoln 9:14 PM 17 November 2007
I don't know what exactly makes this HipHop.. you guy need a Downtempo category cuz' that's CLEARLY what this is. Anyway it's well done... I hear this group all the time on KCRW here in LA so I'm familiar. Good stuff.
paulie 8:32 PM 11 October 2008
love this, quantic rules. need more of him on here!

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