Me and You - Last Night (Benny Page Remix) [Tru Thoughts]

12:00 AM, 26 Sep 2007
Download this Release here:
dj disturbed 8:10 AM 26 September 2007
Nice Fun sounding DnB track...
Keep them comming!!!
Marqs 1:07 PM 26 September 2007
Yeah, this one sounds good!
Kool DJ Sheak One 11:37 PM 26 September 2007
"This is a take over!"
Sorry, I've been watching Rockers for the past two weeks and that part with Burning Spear on the beach...
Heavy stuff. I have a Congo Natty White label that samples that scene. They murder it with all the dancehall blips and sirens.
This song right here reminds me of the good old ragga days, before the dark d&b invasion. I need 1.7.4 to come out so I can play this tune out on a real system with multiple subs.
TheDanceDJ 12:41 PM 27 September 2007
I'm on board with this one as well. A nice, fun remix. Thanks again, Tru Thoughts.
Mr No 8:04 AM 1 October 2007
Works a treat, gets non Drum and Bass fans dancing to drum and bass which is worth any money

The whole album is worth picking up, real nice range of dance floor oriented styles, plus great artwork.
fusic 4:04 PM 4 October 2007
I haven't played any DnB for a while but this and a few other new tracks look set to change that.

Nice bit of Reggae influenced DnB
fusic 6:54 PM 4 October 2007
Just checked this out on the Tru Thoughts website and oh my....

The b-side "The Hoop Loop (Solo Merderna Remix)" is just... ah yea.. mm.. love it. Any chance that might be coming here too? or am I going to have to dust off my wallet?
VON DUTCH 9:28 PM 4 October 2007
how do i post music on this forum????????
dave 10:07 PM 4 October 2007
how do i post music on this forum????????

Email and we'll give you the details.
cowsonweed 5:07 AM 18 October 2007
excelent tune, mooore DnB please!!!
MK 12 1:47 PM 19 February 2008
Wicked track - yeah i know im late.
roybot 2:51 PM 26 July 2008
Puuuulllluuuup!! Gets mad attention. Please more Ragga dnb, this moves people!
kid90nz 5:45 AM 4 August 2008
Oh yes. Benny Page at his best, mixing the new with the old and coming up trumps. Reminds me of his tune "England Story".

Thanks WL, it's nice when the non-hiphop heads get some goodies too.
jusspin 5:00 PM 17 April 2009
ohhh digital sound boycrew!
benny page rocks!

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