Various Artists - Riddem Driven - Jam Down Riddem [VP Records]

5:20 PM, 4 Oct 2007
Download this Release here:
concorde_pilot 6:10 PM 9 October 2007
awesome, thx
DJ Dynamight 2:22 AM 11 October 2007
this is a wicked release. it has been getting a lot of spins since summer or even before. the Jah Cure tune is a crowd favorite.
Evillincoln 9:00 PM 17 November 2007
There's so many good songs here that it really makes no sense... I love this riddim... we REALLY need more roots on here no doubt.... Morgan Heritage is amazing...
selectajay 8:49 AM 10 December 2007
this riddm selll offff no doubt..nice bassline..great for the conscious massive..cecile the ladies luv on this one thnx..keep the reggae coming!
Dj che 4:10 AM 11 December 2007
this is a crazy riddim but its missing the number track right now
Phono Jones 2:42 PM 26 June 2008
Definite hotness right thurrr.
DJ DisGrace 4:50 AM 27 June 2008
love getting the whole riddim - will be around for a while still
rebelmix 8:27 PM 18 December 2008
great juggling- the Cecile and Jah Cure tune get big love here in Jamaica
Dswift 6:54 PM 24 December 2008
Stick is by far the best pan dis ya riddim. Capleton 2nd. But a lot of the tunes on here are really hot.
djmonty09 5:07 AM 8 May 2009
awesome tune
Caramac 3:06 PM 11 May 2009
Hot Riddim. Jah Cure, Cecile and Morgan Heriatge work for me.
RichieRamos 4:48 AM 6 May 2015
how I don't see mr vegas on this riddim
lukenlow 12:07 PM 21 May 2018
This is a great discovery, I definitely do not regret that I became a full member of your site

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