Noelle - Break Up [One Stop Digital/B-Funk Records]

5:00 AM, 9 Oct 2007
Download this Release here:
concorde_pilot 3:44 PM 10 October 2007
could have more energy but it´s good...
djgreg31 7:57 PM 11 October 2007
This has club banger potential. The track is hot
nik39 11:48 PM 15 October 2007
Maybe not powerful enough for prime time, but good enough to get the club into the right mood at the beginning of the night.
nik39 11:49 PM 15 October 2007
Can we have some more details about the artist please? I haven heard of Noelle before. Thanks in advance.
rollanotherone 9:29 AM 14 November 2007
I think the acca track link is mistargeted. Nice instrumental track to play in an urban restaurant.
Evillincoln 8:50 PM 17 November 2007
Very very dope. I remember her from The Craft with Dilated off of that Rhettmatic comp. I always loved that song *even tho' it was WAY too slow to play normally* but THIS track is a breath of fresh air. Its easy to get lazy when producing for a soulful woman like this but the producer didn't get too obvious with it. Well done & well sung.
Mercurial Status 8:47 PM 16 October 2008
Not bad at all. The track bangs

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