Justice - D.A.N.C.E. [VICE Records]

11:00 PM, 15 Oct 2007
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
dj_soo 1:30 AM 16 October 2007
wow - huge release. Thanks guys!
Prinzipal DEEJAY 11:06 AM 16 October 2007
nice one ! cool track !!
Marqs 1:56 PM 16 October 2007
Yeah, it is huge. A hit that deserves to be a hit! Thanks...

Alan Braxe rocks!
tomzy 3:18 PM 16 October 2007
i'm impressed these made it here... good show!
more like this (justice, mstrkrft, ed banger, etc.), please! :D
djcharles 5:58 PM 16 October 2007
It's all about Ed Banger! DJ Mehdi is the man too, check him out
Sheeds 10:55 PM 16 October 2007
good stuff serato team. keep em comin!
dave 10:59 PM 16 October 2007
Thanks, there's another release from Vice Records coming later this week.
Kool DJ Sheak One 11:54 PM 18 October 2007
That Justice remix of.. uh Justice is the banger on this right here.
D.A.N.C.E. is kinda really the only song I like from these crazy french hipsters.
ShaneC 1:20 PM 19 October 2007
Kool DJ Sheak One - you always hit it right on the head.

The Justice remix of his own track kills it. I was delighted to see this here. The best track I've got from the site by a distance - kudos to all concerned. I've had the original for ages, and of course the WALEDANCE thing is pretty tight... Now I've this nice little banger remix to play with. I love love love it. Must download it and spin it at the weekend.

I've been away for a while - is the issue with the whitelabel mp3s crashing scrathlive fixed yet? Thanks
Matt G 11:20 PM 19 October 2007
I've been away for a while - is the issue with the whitelabel mp3s crashing scrathlive fixed yet? Thanks

Yeah 1.7.4 fixes it (beta.whitelabel.net).
LazyGun 9:58 PM 20 October 2007
Excellent! More like this, as Tomzy so eloquently put it =)
ShaneC 4:06 PM 22 October 2007
Cheers matt. Played this on Saturday as I promised. Went down nicely.
djn 8:32 PM 4 November 2007
been looking for the justice remix of this since i heard it. banging. thanks.
StoYeah 5:40 PM 17 November 2007
really hot track and remixes!
rollasoul 10:54 AM 28 November 2007
am quite late on that one, but have say: dope! justice rmx is just a banger ... he he he
dj_soo 6:11 PM 30 November 2007
i've been mixing the justice remix into the diplo and eli escobar remix (i think it's hollertronix #7 or something). Been going over great.

When the bass drops on the justice remix, people go nuts...

I know D.A.N.C.E. is unbelievably played out by now but man, I still like the tune and people still respond...
amadora 5:01 AM 17 September 2008
Sorry, this is late, but I really need to start leaving feedback for the tracks I use ALL the time.

Justice remix always gets the crowd going!
aj5000 8:04 PM 18 March 2009
this has been a killer track for a long while now
cguerrero72 11:37 PM 8 May 2009
i dont know why i never gave feedback on this song before? This song is dope i have been using it for a long time now. never gets old.
CJD 11:04 AM 18 May 2009
Awesome tune! will play this in regular rotation
djchase 12:40 AM 22 May 2009
never even played this track but i heard my boys playing it nothing big tho beats kinda nice
DJ Wizdom 8:42 PM 22 June 2009
You know I have had the Album Version of D.A.N.C.E. and as much as I like it it never has and never will rock my venues. It's something with that slow disco vibe. Great track, don't get me wrong but I played it twice and got a horrible response. The Remixes are no better. Sorry to all the Justice lovers.
DJ Prinvale` 3:11 AM 24 June 2009
track has been a winner all around. many remixes, etc.
djphilly 8:53 PM 24 June 2009
great track, i still play it in my sets and it doesn't get played out.
T. Els 8:12 PM 8 July 2009
nice! musterkraft remix is the best
Albert 5:06 PM 28 July 2009
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djflavat 11:27 AM 4 November 2009
One of my favourite Tracks... play it every weekend... crowd is screaming!! i love it... they love it... everyone loves it... great release... Thumbs up for Whitelabel... !!!!
Culprit 9:19 PM 6 November 2009

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