Various Artists - Riddim Driven - Tremor Riddim [VP Records]

7:40 PM, 18 Oct 2007
Download this Release here:
concorde_pilot 11:19 AM 7 November 2007
much too late but still dope
selectajay 8:56 AM 10 December 2007
lol--yes its been out a while..betta late than neva tho. it still get the hardcore massive hype..thnx..keep the reggae coming!
BIG DJ PHAZE 11:58 AM 26 June 2008
Wicked! Nice to have all the songs dem plus the version (instrumental) at one place. Thanks Serato whitelabel.

Keep it coming!
Grafta 1:46 AM 1 July 2008
Yeh, bigup VP. This was one the 1st releases i noticed being out on digital before 7inch. Also a big intro for some to the potential of Steven Mcgregors [Big Ship Label] production. Boy genius [still only 18 i believe!] fi sure.

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