The Broken Keys - Redlight [Tru Thoughts]

8:30 PM, 23 Oct 2007
Download this Release here:
Kool DJ Sheak One 10:08 PM 23 October 2007
More of that raw soul.
playing it tonight. :)
dj_soo 11:57 PM 24 October 2007
huge thanks to Tru Thoughts for providing so much great content. I've been a supporter of the label for years and it's good to see them getting some recognition from people who may not be as familiar with their work.

oh, and this track is pretty wicked too :)
Zeal303 4:57 PM 25 October 2007
VERY nice.. Now where did I leave my whiskey..
Detroitbootybass 10:46 PM 9 November 2007
Love this!
prof. rockwell 2:51 PM 19 May 2008
again, I looooove these dudes, but 32k bitrate?? good for the ipod I guess
dave 9:42 PM 19 May 2008
Yes, the 32k version is a "preview" quality version for your iPod.

Again, play wl.mp3 files in Serato Scratch LIVE with your interface plugged in and they are 320k stereo.

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