Free The Robots - Jazzhole [Elsewhere Studios]

1:40 AM, 25 Oct 2007
Download this Release here:
dj_soo 11:44 PM 25 October 2007
very very nice. Liking this one a lot - will definitely have to pick up some more FTR tracks...
ShaneC 1:23 PM 26 October 2007
Nice and bouncy - not so sure about the classification as hip-hop, but a nice track for early on.
fusic 1:25 PM 27 October 2007
Really nice. Chilled and jazzy but with a good head nodding beat. Just my kinda thing.
SIC 11:16 PM 1 November 2007
Great vibes... Nice to hear some trip hop type stuff from a solid production crew, really diggin' it.
rollanotherone 8:39 AM 14 November 2007
I heard this song in a restaurant about 5 days ago. I asked the dude who was playing. He said Jazzhole - Free The Robots. I wrote it down. 3 days later, im looking here on and lo and behold. Great tune, catchy. Ill be playing it at the bar I work at.
Evillincoln 8:38 PM 17 November 2007
rediculous... I'll be spinning this all day @ the resturant that I spin @ on Thursdays.... perfect vibe setter without being too sleepy.
Snubber 8:33 PM 9 January 2008
This is a great track. Would love to see more stuff like this on here. Cool jazzy beats.
Sammy B 5:46 AM 6 March 2008
i concur with snubber. its an interesting instrumental is sure to add depth to a mix/blend,
gvt 7:33 PM 19 October 2008
i dig this tune. good live instruments (or samples), and good beats. i like how they ix it up between different moods with the beats. its a little reminiscent of that Mr. Scruff tune "Get A Move On" that was used in a Cadillac commercial

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