Mochipet - Breakin Da Bass [Daly City Records]

10:00 PM, 1 Nov 2007
Download this Release here:
dj disturbed 9:09 AM 6 November 2007
Nice.... love some breaks!!! Keep them comming!!!
dj_soo 2:14 AM 11 November 2007
more mochipet plz.

definitely on the grimey tip - i'll be dropping some alongside some dubstep this longweekend...
marana 2:05 AM 12 November 2007
This release is pretty stunning i have to say. Top shelf, forward dance music that still appeals with a party vibe. Nice.
dj_soo 6:13 PM 30 November 2007
i wish the whoomp remix were longer... I guess i could just loop it but there are a few times I put it on forgetting that it's only like a minute and a half.. :o
DJ C 3:26 PM 12 March 2008
More like this plz! This is wicked!
Dj Maj 4:42 AM 5 April 2010
good track lot of room for play
acidshell 2:41 AM 31 October 2012
Awesome, best tracks Ive found so far on here
lukenlow 12:01 PM 21 May 2018
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