J-Live - Reveal The Secret EP [BBE Records]

11:00 PM, 5 Nov 2007
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
sixxx 12:20 AM 6 November 2007
Welcome aboard BBE Records!!!!

Will check and download the track AND provide feedback when I get home. Thanks!
m0nster 3:17 AM 6 November 2007
2 amazing things come together. Welcome BBE to whitelabel.

And not only a J-Live release, but a entire EP, really feeling this, can't want to play it out!
Grymey Fingers 5:44 AM 6 November 2007
Thanks for putting this up on here. I've slept on J-Live for ages. He's one of those artists I've never got round to checking out apart from bits here and there. I'll play 'Feel Like Spittin' and 'Practice (Spaghetti Bender Mix)' this weekend and see how they go.
dj disturbed 9:07 AM 6 November 2007
Nice... welcome BBE... good stuff.... good to hear some REAL hip-hop on here!!!!!! Nice tracks... cant wait for more from you guys!!!!
nik39 10:27 AM 6 November 2007
BBE here!!!! Excellent!
nik39 10:32 AM 6 November 2007
What a great release!!

Can we have moooooooore BBE here? :) I want to play it.
nik39 10:33 AM 6 November 2007
Can we buy this in a digital format? Can we have some details where to buy it?
Kool DJ Sheak One 10:25 PM 6 November 2007
We talkin about PRACTICE!!!
Not a game. Not a game.
That is my cut. I have been blending that with the OG Ronnie Laws cut, and Footprints by ATCQ, and every time I do that mix, people bug out!
Thanks for the proper release and remixes. No instros for practice? oh well.
Peep the practice---->Watchyoutube.com
DJ C.A.P 11:19 PM 7 November 2007
Love this track

real hip-hop
dj_soo 12:51 AM 8 November 2007
Been into J-Live since I first heard Longevity back in like 95

Stoked to have BBE on board...
Kenrick 3:28 PM 8 November 2007
BBE = Quality! More please
aSiNe 8:04 PM 8 November 2007
J-Live! siiiick!
djcharles 3:16 PM 13 November 2007
Dope tracks!!! We want more BBE!
dave 7:44 PM 13 November 2007
A HEAVy album on BBE went up yesterday: beta.whitelabel.net
Evillincoln 8:44 PM 17 November 2007
Thank you thank you THANK YOU... it's tough being a fan of someone for over a decade but honestly this cat has NEVER let me down. EVER. I sincerely enjoy his music & I always will. Thank you for being one of the smartest emcees to ever do it.
sweetL 1:03 PM 18 January 2008
A HEAVy album on BBE went up yesterday: beta.whitelabel.net


i love j live.
sweetL 1:03 PM 18 January 2008
except that is heavy... but you get my idea
SUBSTANCE 9:10 PM 16 July 2008
awesome... I'm playing support for J-Live at the end of the month too...
Djdoughboy74 2:02 PM 26 January 2009
IT'S ALL ABOUT PRACTICE BABY!!!....Very nice keep it coming

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