Various Artists - Riddim Driven - Power Cut Riddim [VP Records]

9:15 PM, 14 Nov 2007
Download this Release here:
concorde_pilot 9:23 PM 20 November 2007
very old but thx
selectajay 11:40 AM 5 December 2007
hardcore massive love this riddm ya - powrcut riddm kinda old considering sooo many riddms released weekly, but yu cant go wrong with Bounty on dis one!.. this one yah sellll offfffff !!boom bombbong!..BULLETT!
Grafta 1:54 AM 1 July 2008
I have to day this was one of the biggest riddims of 2007 for me. Maaad tuff.
I does have to be said tho, some of the stuff released on VP has been around quite a while on promo and on 45 before they get there hands on it. I'm curious to see if this changes in the next while or if the smaller labels will continue to self release then pass it on to the 'majors' later on.
Kool DJ Sheak One 11:23 PM 1 July 2008
What is so nice about this format of collecting all versions of a riddim in one place, is that every file is going to be very close in quality, making for much smoother transitions between versions, seen?

Before I was getting versions of every riddim from different sources; whether it be ripping straight from the plate, cd, or online.

And with the unique whitelabel player, one can do a seamless transition to audition certain versions.

Thanks again VP for the massive selection, I can pick out which bangers I want for this riddim.

Nuff Respect!

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