Spank Rock and Benny Blanco are... Bangers & Cash - Loose [Downtown Records]

10:00 PM, 20 Nov 2007
Download this Release here:
Sheeds 7:38 PM 21 November 2007
Sounds like this will be a great club track.
djcharles 5:31 PM 29 November 2007
This is DOOOOOOOOPE! Kinda reminds me of some early Neptunes stuff. This is a club banger guaranteed.
Great release guys. Definitly gonna check out their other stuff.
dj collar 5:51 PM 30 November 2007
Lovin the Spank Rock stuff - bought the Bangers & Cash EP and thankful that the Inst's & Acc's showed up on here!! Thanks whitelabel.
Osiris 1:30 PM 20 December 2007
Yep, I agree... The whole lot of the Spank Rock tracks showin' up here are definite club bangers! Hella-dope! I'll be lookin' out for more from these cats...

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