DJ Vadim - The Soundcatcher Extras [BBE Records]

11:00 PM, 26 Nov 2007
Download this Release here:
Shumzs 12:23 AM 27 November 2007
so so so sick more dj vadim stuff for me to play out

dj_soo 7:55 AM 27 November 2007
unbelievable release. Soundcatcher is easily one of my favorite albums of the year and I drop a ton of tunes from that album... Been meaning to check out the remixes for a while now.

Hiphop at its finest.
aSiNe 10:20 PM 29 November 2007
yes yes - quality album
nik39 12:09 PM 4 December 2007
Thats the ish!

Thanks Vadim!

Thanks BBE!
Evillincoln 6:33 AM 7 January 2008
VERY quality album... extremely refreshing & eclectic stuff here which makes it a must play in most of my DJ nights & definitely in my ride as well. Great work & hopefully BBE will be changing the name of their label after this one. Thanks!
DJ MA$K 10:42 PM 20 January 2008
This is a top quality release!

Great hook up BBE
Dj Trace Fingers 4:48 PM 30 January 2008
this is some great stuff, played it this weekend and it was an off the hook mix
EL CONDUCTOR 7:20 PM 17 October 2008
Wow, I literally downloaded it all..That hasn't happened in a while. Keep it comin VADIM. These tracks are gonna help with my Euro tour for sure!!!
dj buterd hams 4:03 PM 29 April 2009
wow thanks for dl ...sike what happen

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