DJ K.O. - Perception Is Everything (Key EP Tracks) [Shaman Work Recordings]

5:00 AM, 18 Dec 2007
Download this Release here:
ShamanWork 10:27 PM 19 December 2007
Let us know what you think folks.

A lot of firepower on this record.

Peace and Blessings,
Shaman Work Recordings, Inc.
ShaneC 4:51 PM 4 January 2008
I like Best to do it - the original. Any chance of ye sticking up an acapella?
Mr No 11:18 AM 5 January 2008
Best to Do it and Ladder of Success are super tight. It's like an all star line up of credable artists.

Sorry for the comparison but reminds me of early Rawkus realeases - which is a good thing, exactly what i (and going by requests,other people) have been missing. These will be in the crates.
concorde_pilot 9:04 PM 17 January 2008
best to do it is really really awesome... i LOVE it
roybot 2:40 PM 26 July 2008
Play it every time! personally, this is how hip hop has to be. 9/10!
(10/10 if you put more bass in it ;-) )

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