Spank Rock and Benny Blanco are... Bangers & Cash - B-O-O-T-A-Y [Downtown Records]

2:00 AM, 19 Dec 2007
Download this Release here:
LazyGun 3:50 AM 19 December 2007
Accapella's and instrumentals is awesome, excellent for doing inappropriate and on the fly mash-ups ;P
kev_the_dj 9:12 PM 24 December 2007
This is a pretty baller song. I like the MC Shy D sample used.
djdiesel89 11:33 AM 27 December 2007
this is a very nice club banger...
dj cubicle 3:00 AM 11 January 2008
Would definitely fit in with a ghettotech set here in DayTwah!
djn 4:43 AM 4 February 2008
this'll rock the party.
gregdaynes 7:04 PM 15 February 2008
this'll rock the party.

I Agree, playing it this weekend
PandaPropaganda 1:58 AM 20 February 2008
yea i definatley remixed it, love the lyrics
DJ-SERKUS 7:53 AM 2 February 2010
good track not feeling the whole 2live crew bite tho.. a lil stupid dumb info.. did you know walt disney was the original mash up artist!!! this is true..also if yall have not checked out GIRLTALK PEEPS THEM TRACKS
but yet this track is alright like lazygun said the instro is nice to mash..

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