The Fix - Roll The Dice / Damp Patch [Yeah:No Recordings]

10:00 PM, 19 Dec 2007
Download this Release here:
Detroitbootybass 6:39 PM 7 January 2008
Typical minimal... good for filler material. I might play it from time to time.

Per the genre, my enjoyment is also minimized.

Nobody - still - has made this sound exciting like Rob Hood and Dan Bell.
Toby82 8:26 PM 14 January 2008
I like Roll the Dice, Damp Patch is also ok.
steve:harley 5:17 PM 21 January 2008
i really like both (roll the dice is the best though, i like the bouncy-ness thats missing from a lot of the tech i usually hear)
Ionas_Elate 10:32 PM 21 July 2008
I like both too!
Nice stuff!
Keep it up!
Archangel 5:17 PM 9 July 2009
I play "Damp Patch" all the time-- on vinyl. I was pleasantly surprised to see it here! This track is a rare example of true dark house. It has a nice non-standard rhythm that gives it the versatility to mix with electro.

Now that I have the digital version, I can use master key to give it even more flexibility. Thank you very much for a quality release!

"Roll the Dice" reminds me of Cincinnati rave acid house a la X-ian and Damian, but it's not really my style.

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