White Girl Lust - West Coast Bump [Solid Bump Records]

8:40 PM, 3 Jan 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
ShaneC 4:52 PM 4 January 2008
It sure is funky, that sample works well in "Come On My Love".
Detroitbootybass 6:31 PM 7 January 2008
I somewhat like it... my biggest problem is that the credit for my enjoyment should go to Chicago for their song 'Streetplayer'. This seems just to be a simple 'mashup' by a DJ. The original is still, by far and away, better in pretty much any situation.
fineart 6:31 PM 13 January 2008
^^^^^ yup.. its fine, pretty throwaway but fine
DJMark 3:16 PM 6 February 2008
Definitely sounds like a DJ mashup...complete with off-sync beats and key-clashing elements. Might work okay when everyone in the place is wasted.
DJ Charlie Hood 6:29 PM 12 March 2008
go and get it....aiight.

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