Shaggy - What's Love [VP Records]

1:45 AM, 18 Jan 2008
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casious 5:23 AM 23 January 2008
shaggy stay putting out them party tracks
jorge 9:26 AM 28 January 2008
he s got no class.his time is so over!
DJMark 2:56 PM 6 February 2008
LOL. Enough said.
Dj che 4:37 AM 18 February 2008
you are sick duke shaggy is on fire
dj_soo 11:25 PM 3 March 2008
this track would be so much better if T-Pain weren't involved
DJ Dooby 7:45 PM 15 March 2008
Shaggy should stick to Reggae/ Dancehall. This R&B sound is is like all the other thousand songs we hear on radio everyday. But the most anoying is this dude Akon!!!
Phono Jones 2:55 PM 26 June 2008
been playin this for a while, i'm not really a fan of shaggy at all but the ladies want to hear it.
Kool DJ Sheak One 8:07 PM 26 June 2008
True Dooby, Sounds like Shaggy is straining to sing that fast.
But nonetheless, this is a banger if you make it that.
Any track with the Akorn Phenomenon associated with it is club fodder.
I downloaded this a while ago and have already played it in a dance setting.
All I can say is, throw on some Tina Turner at the right time, and people will lose their minds.
Guiliano Lincoln 2:01 PM 18 June 2010
This is a Shaggy song all the way, right in the middle of R&B with a little dance hall flavor. He knows where his fan and audience is and where he will be accepted at.

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