Stacey Epps - Floating [Japanubia Musik]

1:45 AM, 18 Jan 2008
Download this Release here:
djgreg31 4:27 AM 26 January 2008
Very cool cut. The rhythm is hypnotic!
phax 11:17 AM 27 January 2008
i love it!
phax 11:19 AM 27 January 2008
and i will play it ...
DJMark 2:58 PM 6 February 2008
Definitely the most musically-interesting of any of the recent tracks I've listened to from here.
DJ Dooby 7:36 PM 15 March 2008
A cool, deep R&B Soul Track in a long time . I'll definitely play that. More Sound like that please.
Cheers, Dooby
clifesize1 2:22 AM 2 November 2008
The groove is just right! Any other versions in the works? No-rhyme version (though the rhyme is tight!)? Definitely getting play for time to come...
Kool DJ Sheak One 6:21 PM 2 November 2008
shit is tight, need that instro!
Bee Smooth 6:38 AM 20 February 2011
Whn are you releasing tha acapella or where can I cop a copy of tha same?

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