Mavado - Last Night [VP Records]

1:45 AM, 18 Jan 2008
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KVAP 3:54 PM 20 January 2008
I really like this song and riddim, i played it in a party last night and i had a couple of guy ask the name of the song..And easy riddim to blend
casious 5:25 AM 23 January 2008
this tune here bad!!! murder the dancehall everytime right now
MK 12 1:59 PM 19 February 2008
Fire! 8/10
djstorm01 6:12 AM 6 March 2008
this here is madddddddddd flavor
DJ Charlie Hood 5:21 PM 12 March 2008
man i love this song. always gets the chicks moving. play in my reggae set. up tempo.
Wicked 7:35 AM 26 June 2008
always puts out a heater!!
Dj JumpOff 8:51 AM 26 June 2008
the girls love this one
DjSugarDaddy 10:27 AM 26 June 2008
what a great voice!
westell54 1:34 PM 26 June 2008
I like this one. Actually, I like all of the stuff I've heard so far from him. For me there's two elements that I look for in dancehall, I listen for a really hard beat but the delivery of the artist is really key. He has it all in this one. I'm not a fan of one particular artist but I like this guy so far. I agree with MK12. 8/10!!
CSR 2:56 PM 26 June 2008
This riddim was hot last year. We still play it, but a bit earlier in the night. This song has had some decent longevity though.
Kool DJ Sheak One 7:57 PM 26 June 2008
I'm pretty satistfied with almost everything that Movado puts out.
Good release,


*thinks to self*

(I wonder how hard it is to get an accapella for this or any other VP track?)
Res-Q 8:10 PM 26 June 2008
Anywayyyy, let's see how long this tune will still work inna di dance, I still get good response from the patrons here.
3sixty 12:28 AM 27 June 2008
kinda late
DJ DisGrace 4:49 AM 27 June 2008
very glad to get a high quality instrumental version... sill fire in the club!

how do i sign up to get serato 7" vinyl???? pleeeeaaaase!

hersh20 3:21 PM 27 June 2008
ppl were skeptical but danced after hearing it.

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