Elephant Man - Let's Get Physical Street Sampler [VP Records]

11:30 PM, 7 Feb 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
SanMan_ish 3:44 AM 8 February 2008
still not impressed with these releases... the best song i've heard so far is the combination with Chris Brown...
selectajay 6:01 AM 9 February 2008
i feel u sanManish..but what kind of responses are u getting from your crowds?? they are really the targeted audiences. most of us djs have to play songs we are not impressed with :)
SanMan_ish 12:48 PM 9 February 2008
to the Caribbean market (where I am) some of the songs are old... they will still get the nod of approval...
casious 2:49 AM 18 February 2008
dem nuh ready will still rick in the right spot, and our world too
Sammy B 5:48 AM 6 March 2008
got to love the obscure olivia-newton john sample - thats sure to get people thinking "where have i heard this before?'
Sammy B 11:30 PM 22 March 2008
scrap my last comment --> i have got the wrong song.

(drops his head in shame)
westell54 1:47 PM 26 June 2008
I Like "Dem Nah Ready" and "Who Wanna". Other tracks sound like hip-hop/r&b songs with featuring a dancehall artist. Keep the Chris Brown sound on his albums. leave the reggae alone. I left hip-hop alone for a few years back in the mid to late 90's because everybody was using the same beats and samples over and over again. It used to sound like you were still playing the same song with a different artist coming in to sing or rap. Let's not go back to that era.
JohnnyG1 10:56 PM 26 June 2008
Not Bad- all in all,"Dem Nah Ready is ill.
Kool DJ Sheak One 3:49 AM 28 June 2008
Not Bad- all in all,"Dem Nah Ready is ill.

Trudat Johnny, best track on this release.

I am unfortunatley anti-autotune at the moment, so gonna pass on "Our World"

Just need the riddim to "Dem Nah Ready" and I'm good.

"Who Wanna" sounds like a Swizz Beats production. Almost gets me there, but not quite.

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