Riskay - Smell Yo D!@k [One Stop Digital/Glassnote Entertainment Group]

10:37 PM, 11 Feb 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
DJ Dooby 7:59 PM 15 March 2008
If that song talks about reallity of american couples that society is really fucked up. I mean I can smile about it, but on the other hand... dicksmellin' is not really somethin' I would play for a (young) crowd.
poor girl!
DJ Cool Heat 2:43 PM 18 November 2008
I agree with Dooby, also is this Plies sister...
DJ d.range 6:41 AM 22 November 2008
if i'm not mistaken, the phrase comes from a movie or something
Afresgnysuc 12:23 AM 18 December 2008
Is something wrong with me? Because I like this! It's so funny not good but it is funny.
Magic D 7:33 AM 1 April 2009
What a shameful waste of studio time.

I can't belive people such as this "so called artist" THINKS people really want to hear this crap. How sad really.

Don't quit your dayjob Riskay.

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