Gnarles Barkley - Run [Downtown Records]

11:00 PM, 24 Feb 2008
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MK 12 12:42 AM 25 February 2008
This is a great track - cant wait for the new record. These guys just move forwards.

bourbonstmc 3:40 AM 25 February 2008
Danger Mouse is a genius. Cee-lo gives perfect voice to his sound. What a well-crated pop song. While the jury is out on the track's mainstream appeal, there is no doubt this a great song and a masterpiece of recording.

P.S.: I think the BPM should be listed at 150 rather than 75, and the the genre should be Pop, not Hip Hop. I don't see anybody mixing this in a dirty south set.
gregdaynes 4:25 AM 25 February 2008
Love this track, thanks Serato / Downtown Records
dj collar 4:27 AM 25 February 2008
This song is great!! Nice to see Gnarls on here.
Kool DJ Sheak One 9:53 PM 26 February 2008
I'm sure Phil Spector is groovin' to this Wall of Sound DM has created for this track.
The video for this song will be the catapult of its success. But enough of what the masses think...
Shit sounds hectic to me. Gets me nervous and uneasy. Most of Gnarls Barkley's music makes me feel that way.
And don't get me wrong, I loved Cee-Lo when he collaboed with the Dungeon Family and all those years in the Dirty. And DM can get nasty when he does his thing. But those two together, I'm just not "Crazy" about them.
However, this will be big and I think with the proper remix treatment, it could be an even easier song to listen to. (but we would need an accapella for that;)
dave 1:10 AM 27 February 2008
(but we would need an accapella for that;)

Nice one Sheak, Downtown haven't been shy about passing on A Cappellas so that may happen :)
SoundmasterSam 5:05 AM 28 February 2008
It took me a couple times to listen to it but then I saw the whole psychedelic beauty of it.
SoundmasterSam 4:59 AM 10 March 2008
When's the new album?

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