Mental Case - ME [Smacks Records]

1:20 AM, 27 Feb 2008
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Kool DJ Sheak One 2:27 AM 27 February 2008
Can't really fuck with the Freshest MC in the World. Sounds like some crazy, doubled up, key clashing.
K-Dee FTW.
MK 12 2:27 PM 27 February 2008
Nice sample, its ok.


P.S. Would love an instrumental
DJMark 8:10 AM 5 March 2008
I'm kind of offended that Denice Williams gets no credit at all for her 1976 song "Free" being the basis and the hook of this track.

On that basis, as well as the messy key-clashing "production values", I feel like this is disrespectfully crapping on a classic.
DJ Charlie Hood 6:08 PM 12 March 2008
overused sample. been there done this haven't we? wished it was chopped more and used with more creativity.

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