Common - The Light '08 (It's Love) (Smirnoff Signature Mix) [Cornerstone/Smirnoff/One Stop Digital]

2:00 AM, 12 Mar 2008
Download this Release here:
MK 12 10:11 AM 12 March 2008
Classy, easily playable. Nice remake - we r getting spoiled here @ WL.N

7/10 thanks
DJ Prinvale` 2:08 AM 15 March 2008
the more common the better!!!
KMXE 11:38 AM 15 March 2008
nice - this is smooth
Kool DJ Sheak One 11:01 PM 15 March 2008
Doper than the original, That is what a remix is supposed to be.
Just productions are getting better and better. Com and him seem to be pretty cool cats. It comes through in the collabo. Need the instro! Papa can you hear me?
g money 7:45 AM 2 September 2008
i like
Dswift 3:36 AM 2 July 2009
As was going through the list and can't believe I missed this the 1st time around. This is classic and definitely a head nodder. Thanks again WL
supertoneproductions 12:57 AM 15 July 2009
Naw this track was a bit too smooth, I'm a bit mad at myself that I didn't come acrossed it earlier
thorrin 1:14 PM 24 July 2009
I just found this one myself. Man, this track is just beautiful. Reminds me of that golden age hip hop. To me it sounds like something 9th Wonder would do. Its like a refreshing blast of some good old fashioned 70s soul. Hope to find many more gems like this on the site!

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