Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir Feat. Young MC + Masta Ace Inc - Know How (Theme) / Jeep Ass Gutter [Delicious Vinyl]

2:00 AM, 12 Mar 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
MK 12 10:03 AM 12 March 2008
This release is FIRE! I always play the old "Know How" on a Saturday - This new theme IMO is AWESOME!
aSiNe 7:00 PM 13 March 2008
yeah pretty cool - good vareity of rmxs
flufftronix 11:31 PM 14 March 2008
Garbage garbage garbage

I only need one version of Samir's Theme and that track is called Samir's Theme
daddy ruff jnr 8:54 AM 5 May 2008
got mixed reactions but good feedback from the crowd so will keep bustin
kid90nz 8:39 AM 8 July 2008
My pick of the bunch is Know How (Gutter Remix). Who said Hip-house was dead?
Greedo 12:26 AM 8 March 2009
Jeep ass gutter vocal mix is banging
Fields 4:25 PM 12 March 2009
I didn't see this coming, nice tracks
ThAt DiGitAL kiD 8:37 PM 15 March 2009
Anything LaCrate touches in my opinion is gutter gold....he has that unmistakable b-more flavor that i love to spin.

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