Q-Tip - Midnight '08 (Smirnoff Signature Mix) [Cornerstone/Smirnoff/One Stop Digital]

2:00 AM, 12 Mar 2008
Download this Release here: whitelabel.net
MK 12 10:07 AM 12 March 2008
Niceness, worth re-visiting. Full support from moi. 7/10 thanks.
DJ Charlie Hood 5:27 PM 12 March 2008
nice for mixtapes. and gives me a good feeling for hip hop. man
aSiNe 7:02 PM 13 March 2008
bit of freshnes...
DJ Dooby 7:39 PM 15 March 2008
Fresh, fresh, fresh. Although the original track is a classic anyway this remix gives it a fresh touch. Hip Hop like I want it. By the way the track has been released by A Tribe Called Quest and isn't actually a Q-Tip Solo track or how does that work?
peace Dooby
roybot 2:37 PM 26 July 2008
Beautiful. Just nice, what can i say more....
SUBSTANCE 12:19 AM 29 July 2008
...sounds like a DJ Khaled mix minus "we the best" & "listennn"
Alcohol sponsorship of remixes is wack too.
DJ Ricky_Dee 5:13 AM 17 August 2008
Hip Hop ya'll
love it
feniks 4:14 AM 18 August 2008
i'm liking this and i don't even play much hip hop anymore.

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