Peaches + Tone Loc - Wild Thing (Peaches RMX) [Delicious Vinyl]

2:00 AM, 12 Mar 2008
Download this Release here:
MK 12 9:51 AM 12 March 2008
Proper party track! Cant wait to play, thankyou, thankyou. 8/10
DJ Charlie Hood 5:21 PM 12 March 2008
i'd rather juggle the instrumental. i will not be playing this.
DJ C.A.P 5:30 PM 12 March 2008
I'd thought it was lright...likin the beat 7.5/0
dj collar 12:03 AM 13 March 2008
Lovin' the new rush of tracks! Delicious vinyl & the Smirnoff selection will be a great addition to whitlabel. Thanks guys!!
Marqs 5:12 PM 13 March 2008
Peaches mixes are pretty good and dancefloor friendly. Will spin for sure!
aSiNe 6:57 PM 13 March 2008
not bad - definitely party tune
DJ Prinvale` 2:01 AM 15 March 2008
Great remix! Def gonna spin this one.
KMXE 10:35 AM 15 March 2008
not a bad idea - its kinda cool
sopranosupasta 9:24 PM 15 March 2008
I love PEACHES! man, really stepped this track up and brought it back for 2008. i will play this and toss the original in as well.
Kool DJ Sheak One 10:13 PM 15 March 2008
Sounds way too over produced. The qualities of the original are lost here; Dirty drums, nasty guitar loop. Shit was bangin when it came out, and still is.
This production is a mere shell of its former incarnation. Would have been nice to just resample the original, beef it up, and add some kick and 808, thats it.
Peaches sounds way too safe and restricted. Where's my nasty, Father-fucking crazy woman? I get this rap from her that sounds ghost written to a tee. Not the Peaches I like. :(
And Tone, says "getabye", but does'nt sound as sure about himself as he did in those good ol' days.
He could have changed up them lyrics a bit, and made a punchier delivery.
And just because you are on the same label, does'nt mean you should do a track together. Tone don't fit in with the hipster crowd. C'mon now!
If you hear me playing "Wild Thing" By Tone Loc, It's going to be the original one, and only for a verse.
Linhnie 6:56 PM 22 March 2008
er bitrate @32kpbs???u joking!
the instrumental is good, but cant even be used @ 32!
Kool DJ Sheak One 4:54 PM 23 March 2008
Linhnie, 32kps is only when you preview in other players, in Serato its 320kps
Zerodivide 7:05 PM 4 April 2008
Here are the Listeners of Tone Loc and Peaches 2 different Groups. But why not. Maybe i get a chance to try it.
Risky but not impossible.
DJMark 10:52 PM 6 April 2008
I've had this track for about six months....tried playing it several times, lukewarm reception at best. Sounds kind of washed-out compared to the original, and this is definitely not Peaches' finest moment.
Toby82 6:17 AM 14 May 2008
i expected more when i read that a track of peaches is on here
aj5000 8:00 PM 18 March 2009
yeah man i really don't like it take to much off the original

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