The Gaslamp and Free The Robots - The Killer Robots EP Sampler [OBEY Records]

1:00 AM, 13 Mar 2008
Download this Release here:
MK 12 10:58 AM 13 March 2008
Strangely compelling, weird. Will have to grow on me i think 10/20 thanks
aSiNe 6:55 PM 13 March 2008
not bad - certinly a likkle wierd
fusic 7:55 PM 13 March 2008
Very glad to see Free The Robots back on here. I'm still playing my version of Jazzhole frequently.

Cool beat with a quirky vibe on this one. Will give it a go, think it could fit into my sets quite well.
Kool DJ Sheak One 10:01 PM 15 March 2008
Some Chopped and Screwed Ragtime. Intrusting for to play around with..

Does Shep have to be a Dj?
dj_soo 8:06 PM 26 March 2008
sweetness. loving it - lots of style, lots of quirk. Perfect for some of my downtempo gigs...

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